Hanging on the hillside for centuries, the medieval village of Poët-Laval, renowned but hidden, is like the Sleeping Beauty waiting, not for the kisses of the Prince Charming, but for a bouquet of blue notes, to wake up and restore the brightness of this austere castle which has been ovelooking the valley of the Jabron river since the 12th century.


Jazz has its history. Places, with painfull memories, have attended its birth, somewhere between Congo and Mississippi.


It is now a universal and freed music. Thanks to the talent of some genius, it won over the hearts and the consciences of people all around the world.

Today, jazz lives wherever it is played. The harshness of the time-worn and sunburned old stones of Poet-Laval offers an ideal setting.


In the ‘Cour des Commandeurs’ (The Commanders courtyard) under the sparkling stars of the beautiful nights of July, the outdoor Poët-Laval jazz festival will reveal all its charms.


Jazz has a multi-faceted nature. It is this diversity that we want to showcase and share.

Above all, jazz is diverse, open-minded, and generous. It can be fed by all types of musical influences, but ultimately, it will always come back to the essential, to its core nature, popular and clever.

With modesty, we hope that our programme reflects all this.